A Few Things to Know…


▪ Graphic Design: print, digital, large format
▪ Web Design
▪ Marketing


Tech Skills:

▪ WordPress
▪ InDesign
▪ Photoshop
▪ Illustrator
▪ Dreamweaver


Soft Skills:

▪ Organization
▪ System and process improvement
▪ Extreme attention to detail
▪ Problem-solving
▪ Adaptable


Things that Matter to Me:

▪ Responsive, clean web design
▪ Continuous, lifelong learning
▪ Organization and efficiency
▪ Follow-through


Current Projects/Explorations:

▪ Managing local sailing club (OHSC.us) website
▪ Always learning WordPress and Elementor/WPBakery
▪ Updating this website
▪ Learning pattern design using Illustrator/Photoshop
▪ Javascript/ES6



▪ Drawing, painting
▪ Catamaran sailing
▪ Cooking (and eating!) plant foods


Random Facts:

▪ I tend to love the “in-between” colors like perwinkle (just between blue and purple), coral (between red and orange with a little bit of white thrown in), aqua (not too green, not too blue), orange/yellow (exactly in the middle), and lime or acid green (that color right between green and yellow that tends to glow when a little white is added).

▪ I am the co-worker most likely to design inter-office flyers, photoshop crazy birthday posters and cake photos, create baby/wedding shower invites, and design business cards for the resident baker and candy maker.

▪ I dislike bananas, and love sauerkraut.

▪ I enjoy assembling IKEA furniture.


Favorite Quotes:

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. -Katherine Hepburn

If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Alva Edison