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my Too Manys

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my brain has been a bit scattered for a long time now. I feel like there are too many things vying for my attention and focus. things that I really like and also things I have absolutely no use for. below is my list.

too many emails/e-newsletters saved for later that I never read
fix: unsubscribe. pick a few I really need and will definitely read and keep them. ONLY them. and stop subscribing to lists that just want to sell me stuff! I’ve realized most emails from retail companies (clothes, electronics, the latest weekly deal, etc.) are a waste of my time unless I’m truly in the market for a particular product. otherwise they just send me off on random consumerist goose chases. not to mention I have to take my very important time to open them, read them and then file or delete them. waste, waste, waste…

too many lists – on sticky notes, business cards, and notepad files, even on old papers and envelopes I have packed away in boxes that I keep thinking about from time to time
fix: carry a Book or use my Evernote (get a smartphone to use this too!). write everything here. add the stuff from long ago if I really need it and throw it out, or just throw it out. get my shit organized!

too many to-dos in my head
fix: add them to the above list and get them out of my head as soon as possible. if I forget them before I write them down they weren’t worth remembering anyway… at least I’ll tell myself that.

too many great things/events/ideas I don’t have time to pursue
fix: write them down for later. reassess these things every few months, or whenever. ask myself Am I really still interested in this? Do I REALLY want to do/learn/research/read this?? if I’m organized enough I’ll be able to get to it if it’s something of true value to me.

too many bills to pay at too many different times during the month
fix: pick a day and pay them all, at least the ones that aren’t on autopay. this will save me some thinking. get bank accounts to the point where I have enough to do this each month. and combine debt where possible. one less annoyance to deal with each month.

too many things I don’t need (clutter!)
fix: get rid of stuff. Goodwill, garbage, friends, recycle, freecycle, etc. just get rid of it and pack what’s left (for our future move). this goes back to the organizing thing. we hope to move in May which, you would think, should motivate me to get it together already. this will also serve to declutter my head. I know because I’ve done it before and it’s liberating!

too many minutes wasted on so many things
fix: make my minutes count. turn the TV off! listen to my little voice more often. usually it’s telling me to finish my motivation course, or draw, or read, or meditate, or do anything more constructive. anything that gets me closer to having the life I really want.

too many fears holding me back or making me worry
fix: stop it! ya, it’s not that easy I guess. but by doing all the things I should be doing with my time, the valuable, constructive, fulfilling things, I should have less time to worry and fear. I don’t have a clear solution to this one yet but that may change if I can get everything else organized.

too many things I really WANT to do for myself each day – but I either forget or run out of time or just plain don’t feel like doing them
fix: don’t beat myself up. I’d like to meditate, eat the perfect diet, exercise, learn something new, get important things done, paint or draw, and many other little things that supposedly lead to a long, fulfilling, rewarding, happy life. But I can’t! at least not yet. for now, though, I’ll start with a list (another list!) of all these things and track progress by the week instead of the day. Get a little exercise, see how many days I can get in this week, and then the next. Maybe make a commitment to draw/paint at least three times a week. Same with the diet. If I can pack extra fruits and vegetables into each of my meals 4 days per week I’ll consider that an improvement…some days I’m just not into it. I intend for these things to be everyday habits at some point but this will have to do for now. yet another case for getting organized.

too many goals put off for later
fix: pick my favorites and make a damn plan! do something, however small, every day toward my goals. pick the most important ones and find a way to fit them in. my motivation course is helping me with this, currently. It’s been somewhat successful, hence this long-awaited blog post. my biggest , most important goal is to work for myself doing something I love, and to quit my J-O-B.

you’ve no doubt noticed that organization seems to be the theme here. and writing this post has me more motivated now to go home and get it together. because not only does organizing and decluttering get all my THINGS in order, it also tends to clear my mind. I’ve experienced this in small scale several times in my life so I know it works. it allows me to tackle more things on the goals list, conquer some of my fears, keep other areas of my life organized, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. really.

A syna what?

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This is cool and something I’ve noticed about myself for as long as I can remember. Never knew there was an actual word for my “condition” until I looked it up. Synesthesia, or more specifically grapheme → color synesthesia. Letters and words have always had a color or colors assigned to them in my mind. Makes it easier to remember things sometimes. I also “see” color patterns and shapes when I listen to music, but mostly it’s the letters, numbers, and words.

I have yet to read the entire article on this so I’m not sure what causes it. I credit those little colorful, plastic, magnetic letters and numbers that were always stuck all over our fridge when I was a kid. They must have had quite the effect on me. Thanks Mom and Dad for making my alphabet learning experience so colorful!

WORD ART – what do YOU see?

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Like music, words can also inspire images in your mind and feelings in your heart. They can also inspire ideas and action to create.  The words below are some of my favorites. They inspire many things for me. Make your own list of beautiful words and be inspired…

create  color  art  shapes  texture  artfully  serene  crazy  vivid  translucent  opaque  luscious  colorful  array  soft  bright  teal  azure  lime  orange  plum  patterns  eggshell  zigzag  gloss  sky  ocean  sea  sunrise  rich  paint  sunset  melt  clay  swirls  dots  waves  canvas  white  leaf  pigment  circle  square  shine  metallic  ice  sparkle  anemone  cinema  chatoyant  kiwi

Thanks are in order

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It seems weird to thank people for getting you to a starting point instead of an end point, when you’ve finally accomplished something. But this is really a beginning for me and it took a lot of energy and effort and inspiration to get here. Not to mention, sweat and tears.

Many thanks to all those who helped me get to this point…this point of taking action, starting a blog, getting serious (or not so serious). Most of you don’t know who you are yet but I’ll mention you at some point, and probably link to you. And then some of you do know who you are…my family, my friends, and most especially, my husband W. Never could have done this without you.

My goal is to become debt free, make my living doing something I love, and leave the cubicle behind…by sometime in the year 2013. Hell, my steady paycheck could end way before that but it’s something to shoot for and I’ve got to do something now or I’ll go crazy. I’m passionate about so many things that I’m not sure what form this will take. And it may morph into a few different things along the way. But one thing’s for sure…I intend to enjoy this trip!

I’ll try to share all the important stuff I’ve found, and have yet to find. Hopefully it’ll make your journey that much easier and more exciting.

So, who am I…read my about page for the scoop…then come along for the ride.