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photo fabulousness

Posted: July 19th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: environment, inspiration | Comments Off on photo fabulousness

and on this Friday Eve I debut a new addition to the blog–my photographs (figured it needed some color). only the ones I find brilliant and fabulous, of course. i’m not a pro (as you’ll notice) but every now and then i get a good one. so i hope they trigger your imagination or inspire you to create….or at the very least, get out and take your own damn gorgeous pictures!

in this one, a spider makes camp on the chives…

World Oceans Day 2012: the celebration starts at home

Posted: June 8th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: environment, life in general | Comments Off on World Oceans Day 2012: the celebration starts at home

here’s a question, would we even have a World Oceans Day or celebrate our oceans at all if they weren’t so threatened? I would hope so. wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out?

to celebrate today I share a few things you can do at home to help our beautiful, bountiful oceans…

stop using plastic bags: we banned these completely in my house and only use re-useable bags for everything from groceries and produce to clothes shopping and farmer’s markets. I even drag them into the Home Depot if we’re getting smaller items. I personally love Chico Bags. we have a large collection and keep lots of them in our cars, near the door, in my backpack, etc. they stuff into tiny little pouches so they’re easy to carry.

eat organic: another big one for me. we try to find everything organic when possible, especially fruits and vegetables. even our garden is mostly organic (it wasn’t always possible to find organic starter plants and we didn’t have time to start everything from organic seeds this year). pesticides and fertilizers are not only harmful to our bodies, but the toxins running into our oceans also harm marine life.

use less plastic: this is difficult, I know. but also possible. and if you must use plastic that can’t be reused then try to use plastics that are recycled in your community, and make sure they actually hit the recycle bin! our city only recycles #1 and #2 plastics. and I’ve noticed a few food companies recently that have converted their packaging to fully recyclable. I also only use non-disposable silverware and real coffee mugs, and never ever use styrofoam. my next step is bringing my own tupperware for restaurant leftovers.

clean with natural cleaners: your home and your body. typical household cleaners and soaps are big contributors to ocean/water pollution. in our house we love Dr. Bronner’s organic soaps for hands, showers and dishes. we’re still searching for a good laundry soap and all-purpose household cleaner. but we use vinegar in our laundry rinse cycle and for some cleaning jobs around the house. check out these household cleaner recipes!

for more ideas see the Smithsonian’s Ocean Portal, and go celebrate!