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scuba diving 101 [bloop..bloop…]

Posted: June 5th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: life in general | Comments Off on scuba diving 101 [bloop..bloop…]

went scuba diving (in a pool) one night last week with W. It was so cool. we had Groupons for it, kind of an intro to scuba diving. we’ve never done it before. once I got used to the breathing I was so relaxed and amazed. it’s cool knowing you can breathe under water and float around like a fish. had fins on and everything. focusing on the rhythm of my breathing was almost like meditation.

my only problem seemed to be my ears. maybe next time I’ll be able to hit the deep end without agonizing pain. I practically grew up in the water but could never master the art of popping my ears. it also may have been the fact that I still had the tail end of a cold.

I’d love to take the courses and get certified one day. I’ll add that to my life checklist. for now though, it’s nice to have had the experience. it brings to mind images of coral reefs, colorful fish and blue-green waters, and the feeling of floating among all those things. soft and quiet, only hearing your breath bubbles…

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