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inspiration collection: what inspires you to create?

Posted: June 4th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: inspiration | Comments Off on inspiration collection: what inspires you to create?

I can’t remember where I read this, but it’s a great idea, so thank you to that person, who ever you are. ‘Collect’ the things that inspire you: look around, remember times/places/things that inspired you and write them down. collect things/objects that remind you of inspiring times or places. make a list and keep it close. refer back to your collection whenever you need it, or do this on a regular basis…and then get back to creating.

Below is a collection of things that inspire me to paint or draw (and sometimes make jewelry). They conjure up colorful, crazy images in my head, and therefore a need to get to my sketchbook once again.


1. cool words (see THIS post for my favorites)

2. food movies – Bread and Tulips, Big Night, Mostly Martha, Julie & Julia, Chocolat, and many more

3. other peoples’ sketchbook pages – you can do an image-search for these

4. marine animal photographs – anemone (love this word too!), leafy sea dragons, sea fans, etc.

5. browsing the colorful aisles of art supply stores

6. lots of colored pencils in jars and vases

7. collections of ‘small colorful things’ – beads, buttons, etc

8. looking at other artists’ art: Yellena James, Kaffe Fassett, Lotta Jansdotter

9. being in clean, wide, open spaces – big white rooms, long stretches of beach, looking down from a mountain

10. talking to my artist friend on the phone; we can inspire each other

11. a few hours in IKEA, just ‘looking’

12. books – Artist’s Way, Painting from the Source, anything by Tom Robbins


and I could go on…in fact, I know I’ll be adding to this.


what’s on *your* list?


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