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how do I want to change the world?

Posted: May 1st, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: inspiration | Comments Off on how do I want to change the world?

if you read my about page then you have an idea what this blog is about and what I’m trying to accomplish for my life. but it’s still quite broad. below is my attempt at narrowing it down a bit.

over the past several years I’ve researched starting a business, creativity, motivation, finding my passion, etc. out of all this reading, writing, watching, and listening, I formulated a set of questions for myself.

The questions came to me about 5 months ago and seemed like THE *BIG* questions (at least in regards to starting a creative business)…and if answered, would lead me to that fulfilling life I wished for.

My answers to them only just recently started to take shape. they’re off the top of my head and are still evolving but have given me great ideas and more of a direction for this blog.

Maybe these questions can help YOU in your pursuit of a creative, meaningful life…


how do I want to change the world?

I want to brighten dark places, make things beautiful, add color, texture, and shapes, and lots of movement, waves and swirls… both literally and figuratively, I want to pass this on to others.


who do I want to change/influence/motivate?

the person who wants to be creative or just wants to create something beautiful for themselves or someone else; the person who thinks they aren’t creative at all.


what do I tell them, what is my message?

everyone is creative. be open to experimenting and finding what you love to do and keep doing it. practice, practice… develop your style and enhance, embellish, and deepen your world, both visually and spiritually.


why do I want to tell it, why do I want to tell *them*?

I see too many sad, unfulfilled, bored, hopeless people who could be creating and feeling more connected to their creative and spiritual selves, and therefore, more fulfilled and happy. I want people to be happy and inspired. people who want to be creative should have the tools to begin, i want to give them those tools.


how do I tell it, how do I make the message fun/inspiring?

give them ideas, inspiration, projects, stories, eye-candy, assignments, perspective.


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