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WORD ART – what do YOU see?

Posted: November 10th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: inspiration | 1 Comment »

Like music, words can also inspire images in your mind and feelings in your heart. They can also inspire ideas and action to create.  The words below are some of my favorites. They inspire many things for me. Make your own list of beautiful words and be inspired…

create  color  art  shapes  texture  artfully  serene  crazy  vivid  translucent  opaque  luscious  colorful  array  soft  bright  teal  azure  lime  orange  plum  patterns  eggshell  zigzag  gloss  sky  ocean  sea  sunrise  rich  paint  sunset  melt  clay  swirls  dots  waves  canvas  white  leaf  pigment  circle  square  shine  metallic  ice  sparkle  anemone  cinema  chatoyant  kiwi

One Comment on “WORD ART – what do YOU see?”

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